Jos Bartels is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Cognition at Tilburg University. He received his BSc in Marketing from the Fontys University of Applied Sciences Venlo and his MSc and PhD in Communication Science from the University of Twente, Enschede (UT). He started his career as a Lecturer and Assistant Professor in Marketing and Organizational Communication at the UT. During that period, Jos finished his PhD thesis on the relationship between communication climate and employees’ organizational identification at different organizational levels. He also worked as a Senior Researcher in Consumer Behaviour at LEI, Wageningen UR. In his previous job, Jos was an Assistant Professor in Communication Science at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His research activities focus on quantitative studies on 1) organizational communication, social media usage and organizational identification, 2) corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Recent publications

  1. Young adults’ motivations for following social influencers and their …

    Croes, E., & Bartels, J. (2021). Young adults’ motivations for following social influencers and their relationship to identification and buying behavior. Computers in Human Behavior, 124, [106910].
  2. Supervisor Phubbing Phenomenon in Organizations - Determinants and Im…

    Yasin, R. M., Bashir, S., Abeele, M. V., & Bartels, J. (2020). Supervisor Phubbing Phenomenon in Organizations: Determinants and Impacts. International Journal of Business Communication, 232948842090712.
  3. Communicating the fair trade message - the roles of reputation and fit

    Bartels, J., Reinders, M. J., Broersen, C., & Hendriks, S. (2019). Communicating the fair trade message: the roles of reputation and fit. International journal of advertising.
  4. My Colleagues Are My Friends - The Role of Facebook Contacts in Emplo…

    Bartels, J., van Vuuren, M., & Ouwerkerk, J. W. (2019). My Colleagues Are My Friends: The Role of Facebook Contacts in Employee Identification. Management Communication Quarterly, 33(3), 307-328.
  5. Anthropomorphizing brands - The role of attributed brand traits in in…

    Van Prooijen, A-M., & Bartels, J. (2019). Anthropomorphizing brands: The role of attributed brand traits in interactive CSR communication and consumer online endorsements. Journal of Consumer Behaviour.

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