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Dr. Jeroen Dewinter is a scientist-practitioner combining work as a clinical psychologist at an outpatient mental health service for emerging adults (GGzE, the Netherlands) and as a senior researcher at Tranzo, centre for care and well being at the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences of Tilburg University. He studied Educational Sciences at the KULeuven (2000), Belgium, postdoctoral specialist training in clinical psychology (2013) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and completed his PhD in 2016 on the sexual development of adolescent boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder at Tilburg University. He initiated the INSAR Special Interest Group on Autism, sexuality and romantic relationships, in close collaboration with several international colleagues. His current work relates to research priorities on sexuality, relationships and autism, sexual wellbeing in adolescents and adults with autism and/or other developmental characteristics or mental health problems.



Recent publications

  1. Autisme en seksueel grensoverschrijdend gedrag

    Dewinter, J., Bradt, E., & Rutten, A. X. (2020). Autisme en seksueel grensoverschrijdend gedrag. In P. D. K. Goethals, M. De Boeck, T. Dilliën, W. Huys, & A. Nuyts (Eds.), Handboek behandeling van seksueel afwijkend gedrag (pp. 419-442). Gompel en Svacina.
  2. INSAR special interest group report - Stakeholder perspectives on pri…

    Dewinter, J., van der Miesen, A. I. R., & Graham Holmes, L. (2020). INSAR special interest group report: Stakeholder perspectives on priorities for future research on autism, sexuality, and intimate relationships. Autism Research, 13(8), 1248-1257.
  3. Psychosexual problems, sexual deviance and promoting sexual health in…

    Greaves-Lord, K., Dewinter, J., Pedersen, L., Healy, O., & Stokes, M. A. (2020). Psychosexual problems, sexual deviance and promoting sexual health in autistic adolescents and adults. In S. W. White, B. B. Maddox, & C. A. Mazefsky (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of autism and co-occurring psychiatric conditions (pp. 215-236). Oxford University Press.
  4. Qualitative research in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disor…

    van Schalkwyk, G. I., & Dewinter, J. (2020). Qualitative research in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 50(7), 2280-2282.
  5. Seksuele identiteit en genderidentiteit

    Raaijmakers, D., van der Miesen, A., Dewinter, J., & Ruigrok, A. (2019). Seksuele identiteit en genderidentiteit. De Psycholoog, 54(5), 10-21.

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