Regulatory challenges and questions around the introduction of digital technologies have been on the research agenda of Corien Prins for three decades. In 1995, she founded what is now the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT), a world-wide renowned research group on law, society and technology. In her academic work Prins has extensively studied emerging technologies and their impact on the individual and society, with a focus on the role of regulation, law and fundamental values and human rights in particular. In 2017 Prins was appointed Chair of the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). The task of the WRR focuses on science for policy, more concrete to advise the Dutch government and parliament on strategic issues that are likely to have important political and societal consequences. The work of the WRR is always interdisciplinary in nature and spans across collaborations in technical as well as social sciences, law, and philosophy.


One of the current research foci of Prins is the broader theme of AI, and more specific the use of AI in the judiciary. She aims to understand the interplay between the fundamentals of the process of decision making by judges and the capacities of AI or what AI has to offer. Related to her work on AI, is her research on digital autonomy as well as the implications of the interdependency between the digital world and physical world. As part of this work, she will publish a book (co-authored with dr. E. Schrijvers) at Springer that analyses the constraining ability of (national) governments to act in the situation of a digital disruption (given among others that many digital services are in private hands). Some of the other research foci of Prins are 1) Implications of the use of digital technologies for the role of democracy in a globalized world, 2) the use of digital technologies and personal autonomy, 3. Privacy and personal data protection.

Recent publications

  1. COVID-19 - Archivering van een crisis

    Prins, C. (2021). COVID-19: Archivering van een crisis. Nederlands Juristenblad , 95(4), 277.
  2. Aansprakelijkheid voor AI-systemen

    Prins, C. (2020). Aansprakelijkheid voor AI-systemen. Nederlands Juristenblad , 95(41), 3141. [2804].
  3. Anderhalve-meter-recht

    Prins, C. (2020). Anderhalve-meter-recht. Nederlands Juristenblad , 95(14), 878.
  4. Chiplomatie

    Prins, C. (2020). Chiplomatie. Nederlands Juristenblad , 2020(4), 251.
  5. Corona-corvee voor farmaceuten

    Prins, C. (2020). Corona-corvee voor farmaceuten. Nederlands Juristenblad , 95(36), 2757. [2404].

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