Computational Auditing. How can we use computational techniques to help auditors assess reliability (accuracy and completeness) of reporting? With Rob Christiaanse  I develop model-based auditing, a computational approach to auditing and monitoring that makes use of a normative model of the relationships between the flow of money and goods (value-cycle).  

Data Protection in Contract Negotiation and Monitoring. With Stéphanie van Gulijk (TLS) and Kartik Chawla I work on an approach to give users more control over their personal data. It is based on the idea that private law, about contracts, is better suited to protect rights of citizens than public law frameworks like the GDPR, because data is  often provided as a kind of 'payment' for a service. 

Regulatory Compliance What is the role of information systems in demonstrating compliance to laws and regulations? 


I teach several courses in the Msc programme Information management

I am member of the Examination Board for Date Science (Bsc and Msc) at JADS



RSM: Customs and Supply Chain Compliance

Université de Luxembourg: Individual and Collective Reasoning, specifically Leon van der Torre, Réka Markovich, Tomer Libal



Top publications

  1. A taxonomy for the representation of privacy and data control signals

    Chawla, K., & Hulstijn, J. (2020). A taxonomy for the representation of privacy and data control signals. In Legal Knowledge and Information Systems: Proceedings of the 33rd International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems (JURIX 2020) (pp. 23-32). (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications; Vol. 334). IOS Press.
  2. Ensuring data protection by private law contract monitoring - A legal…

    van Gulijk, S., & Hulstijn, J. (2018). Ensuring data protection by private law contract monitoring: A legal and value-based approach. European Review of Private Law, 26(5), 635-659.
  3. Governance and collaboration in regulatory supervision - A case in th…

    van der Pligt-Benito Ruano, S., & Hulstijn, J. (2017). Governance and collaboration in regulatory supervision: A case in the customs domain. International Journal of Electronic Government Research, 13(4), 34-52.

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