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We are Tilburg University


Jaap Voeten has gained long-term capacity development and research experience in private sector development in low-income countries in Africa and Asia. His expertise on innovation and productivity growth in manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) resulted in a series of insightful research outputs and successful realised consultancy assignments. His interests focus on regulatory and business environments including innovations systems, formal and informal institutions enabling responsible and inclusive innovation. His extensive work experience in many developing countries in Africa and Asia has provided him with a solid set of academic and professional skills in qualitative/case study research, evidence-based policymaking and programme evaluation, and project leadership/ coordination involving international teams of experts. 


Responsible Innovation 

Development Economics

New Institutional Economics

Actor Network Theory

Qualitative Research 

Consultancy and Project Management 


Lecturer and coordinator of a 3rd year BSc Economics and international Businss course (6 ECTS) ‘Innovation and Development'.


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