prof. dr. Hans Groeneveld

Professor Financial Cooperatives

TiSEM: Tilburg School of Economics and Management
TiSEM: Department of Economics


I am Director International Cooperative Affairs at Rabobank and Professor Financial Co-operatives at Tilburg School of Economics and Management. Previously, I worked as manager and academic researcher at the Dutch Central Bank in the monetary and banking supervision department, respectively. I hold a PhD in monetary economics from Maastricht University. I am thrilled to investigate the links between banks and monetary policy. Nowadays, you just cannot understand what is going in economics if you do not acknowledge the great impact of unconventional monetary policy on governments, banks, financial markets and the macro economy in the eurozone.

Besides, I am  Board member of the International Raiffeisen Union (IRU) in Germany, Chairman of the Academic Advisory Board and the Cooperative Identity Forum of European co-operative banks in Brussels. I have performed contracted research for the International Cooperative Alliance and the European Association of Cooperative Banks in Brussels.


My areas of expertise comprise - cooperative - banking, banking regulation, central banking, financial markets and monetary policy. Knowledge in these fields has been acquired at the Dutch Central bank, Rabobank and via board membership in a range of international committees.


I teach the seminar Financial Economics at Tilburg University. I discuss a wide array of central banking and monetary policy issues. Furthermore, I educate on bank business models and ownership structures. The banking market structures are treated as well as recent trends in banking and alternative finance.  I am able to combine theoretical knowledge with practical insights, since I work at a private bank in the market sector and have been a banking supervisor and monetary policy maker in previous jobs.



I maintain a dense network in the academic field of cooperative banking across the globe. I cooperate with European academics as well as with practitioners and policy makers. This is done via participation in academic boards and as chairmen of various working groups and forums.

Recent publications

  1. Reconciling different truths about isomorphic pressure and distinctiv…

    Groeneveld, H. (2020). Reconciling different truths about isomorphic pressure and distinctive behavior at European cooperative banks: Back to the future with Raiffeisen’s principles. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 91(3), 359-385.

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