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We are Tilburg University


I’m currently interested in the development and consequences of social hierarchies (power and status), and I'm pursuing this line of work in the intra-organizational context (e.g. small teams) and inter-organizational context (e.g. think tanks). I'm eager to work and mentor students or prospective students (bachelor, master, or doctoral) who share similar interests in social hierarchies (power and status). Please don't hesitate to contact me.

My main research has appeared in the Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Organization Science, Journal of Management, and Personnel Psychology.

Prior to my current appointment, I was a postdoctoral scholar at the Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis, USA. I received my Ph.D. and Master degrees in business administration from the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA.

For more information please check: www.johnpbechara.com


Recent publications

  1. Engineering interaction - Structural change, locus of identification,…

    Gray, S., Bunderson, J. S., Boumgarden, P., & Bechara, J. P. (2019). Engineering interaction: Structural change, locus of identification, and the formation and maintenance of cross-unit ties. Personnel Psychology, 72(4), 599-622.
  2. How outcome agreement and power balance among parties influence proce…

    van de Ven, A. H., Bechara, J. P., & Sun, K. (2019). How outcome agreement and power balance among parties influence processes of organizational learning and nonlearning. Journal of Management, 45(3), 1252-1283.
  3. Temporal elements in career selection decisions - An archival study i…

    Shah, P., Bechara, J. P., Kolars, J., Drefahl, M., LaRusso, N., Wood, D., & Spurrier, B. (2014). Temporal elements in career selection decisions: An archival study investigating career decisions in medicine. Organization Science: A journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, 25(1), 245-261.

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