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Jens Prüfer is Associate Professor of Economics at Tilburg University and a member of the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC). His research focuses on institutional and organizational questions, applying economic methodology to a broad set of disciplines, including law, management, political science, history, religious studies, and computer science. He studied Economics and Chinese studies in Tübingen (Germany) and Singapore and holds a PhD in Economics from Goethe University Frankfurt.


  • Institutional Economics, in particular the study of economic governance institutions, which help to support cooperation/honest trade with and without the law (public and private ordering).
  • Organizational Economics, in particular the economics of non-firm organizations such as nonprofits, cooperatives, social networks, clubs, associations or foundations. Why do these organizations exist and (how) do they behave differently in competitive markets?
  • Law & Economics, in particular antitrust policy and ‘order without law’.
  • Industrial Organization, in particular questions dealing with competition policy and regulation and the dependence of those issues on the governance structure of competitors.
  • Political Economics, in particular the role of the media for political outcomes both in democracies and in autocracies.
  • Economics of Innovation, in particular the effects of datafication/big data on markets, polities, societies, and jurisdictions.



Key Publications:  

Recent publications

  1. Competition Policy and Data Sharing on Data-driven Markets - Steps To…

    Prüfer, J. (2020). Competition Policy and Data Sharing on Data-driven Markets: Steps Towards Legal Implementation. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.
  2. Big Data and Democracy

    van Gils, F., Müller, W., & Prüfer, J. (2020). Big Data and Democracy. (CentER Discussion Paper; Vol. 2020-011). CentER, Center for Economic Research.
  3. Big Data and Democracy

    van Gils, F., Müller, W., & Prüfer, J. (2020). Big Data and Democracy. (TILEC Discussion Paper Series; Vol. 2020-003). TILEC.
  4. Faithful strategies - How religion shapes nonprofit management

    Filistrucchi, L., & Prüfer, J. (2019). Faithful strategies: How religion shapes nonprofit management. Management Science, 65(1), 188-208.
  5. Data Science for Entrepreneurship Research - Studying Demand Dynamics…

    Prüfer, J., & Prüfer, P. (2019). Data Science for Entrepreneurship Research: Studying Demand Dynamics for Entrepreneurial Skills in the Netherlands. (CentER Discussion Paper; Vol. 2019-005). CentER, Center for Economic Research.

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