I am an assistant professor in the Department of Accountancy at the Tilburg University School of Economics and Management. I earned my PhD in Accounting from Emory University. Click here to view my CV.

My research uses an experimental economics approach to study how organizational control systems affect employee learning and motivation. Some of my research examines how employees learn from performance feedback, and how such learning depends on incentives and compensation structures. My other research examines how incentives and compensation structures interact with social aspects of the workplace such as leadership and reciprocity. In line with these research interests, I teach managerial accounting at the undergraduate level and experimental accounting research at the graduate level.


Recent publications

  1. Ambiguous sticks and carrots: The effect of contract framing and payo…

    Burke, J., Towry, K. L., Young, D., & Zureich, J. (2022). Ambiguous sticks and carrots: The effect of contract framing and payoff ambiguity on employee effort. The Accounting Review. ,
  2. Leading by example in socially driven organizations - The effect of t…

    Schuhmacher, K., Towry, K. L., & Zureich, J. (2022). Leading by example in socially driven organizations: The effect of transparent leader compensation contracts on following. The Accounting Review, 97(3), 373-393.
  3. The (un)controllability principle - The benefits of holding employees…

    Zureich, J. (2022). The (un)controllability principle: The benefits of holding employees accountable for uncontrollable factors. Journal of Accounting Research.

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