I strongly believe that taking an interdisciplinary perspective is essential for understanding and addressing complex societal problems. Throughout my bachelor's degree in organization studies and masters' degrees in human resource management, labour law and international law, I have become particularly interested in the position of vulnerable workers in the labour market, including refugees, migrants, interns and prison workers. This multi-faceted educational background has prepared me to embark on a doctoral research project,  investigating  the work, well-being and careers of Central and Eastern European migrant workers in the Dutch food production chain during Covid-19. Our research team actively works together with stakeholders to realize a shared responsibility for decent work in food production. 


My expertise is centered around quality of working conditions, sustainable careers and inter-group dynamics in the context of migrant labour.  My doctoral research showcases a variety of qualitative research methods, including system dynamics, group model building and longitudinal in-depth interview studies. I have presented my work in international conferences, including the ILERA World Congress and the IMISCOE Annual Conference.  I am an active member of the Research Lab on Inclusive HRM at Tilburg University.  I am a member of the IILME Steering Group (Standing Committee within the IMISCOE network), where I regularly organize sessions for PhD students. I have had the chance to share my insights on migration in the post-Covid-19 economy at the first National Migration Dialogue.


Since August 2019, I have been teaching on the topic of decent work and migrant workers in the Department of Human Resource Studies. I also carry out supervision for Bachelor's and Master's thesis students on topics related to inclusive HRM. 


Top publications

  1. De invloed van werkomstandigheden in Nederlandse distributiecentra op…

    Kerti, K. A., & Kroon, B. (2020). De invloed van werkomstandigheden in Nederlandse distributiecentra op inzetbaarheidsovertuigingen van Hongaarse free movers. Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken, 36(2), 177-194.

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