We are Tilburg University

We are Tilburg University


Recent publications

  1. Special Issue HCI Research Games - An Editorial

    Slegers, K., Bleumers, L., Maurer, B., Krischkowsky, A., & Blythe, M. (2019). Special Issue HCI Research Games - An Editorial. Simulation and Gaming, 50(3), 266-271.
  2. Design trade-offs in self-management technology - the HeartMan case

    Derboven, J., Voorend, R., & Slegers, K. (2019). Design trade-offs in self-management technology: the HeartMan case. Behaviour & Information Technology.
  3. Ideas of Things - The IOT Design Kit

    De Roeck, D., Tanghe, J., Jacoby, A., Moons, I., & Slegers, K. (2019). Ideas of Things: The IOT Design Kit. In Companion Publication of the 2019 on Designing Interactive Systems Conference 2019 Companion (pp. 159-163). ACM.
  4. Evaluating Long Term User Experience with Children - Comparing the Me…

    Horton, M., Sim, G., Slegers, K., & Zaman, B. (2019). Evaluating Long Term User Experience with Children: Comparing the MemoLine with Interviews. In Proceedings of the 18th ACM International Conference on Interaction Design and Children (pp. 51-57). ACM.
  5. Human Agency in Self-Management Tools

    Voorend, R., Derboven, J., Slegers, K., Baert, A., & Claeys, E. (2019). Human Agency in Self-Management Tools. Paper presented at 13th EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare, Trento, Italy.

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