I am Professor of International Data Governance at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT), where I lead the ERC-funded Global Data Justice project, seeking to understand the differerent perspectives worldwide on what constitutes just treatment through data technologies. My research focuses on the use of new sources of digital data in governance and research around issues of human and economic development. I was previously a Marie Curie research fellow in the University of Amsterdam’s International Development faculty, and a postdoctoral researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute. I hold a DPhil in International Development from the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex.



Recent publications

  1. Technologie is niet neutraal, dat zou Dijkgraaf moeten weten

    de Groot, A. (Author), Taylor, L. (Author), Noorman, M. (Author), de Souza, S. (Author), Meyers, G. (Author), & Broer, T. (Author). (2022). Technologie is niet neutraal, dat zou Dijkgraaf moeten weten. Web publication/site
  2. Digitisation and Sovereignty in Humanitarian Space - Technologies, Te…

    Martin, A., Sharma, G., de Souza, S. P., Taylor, L., van Eerd, B., McDonald, S. M., Marelli, M., Cheesman, M., Scheel, S., & Dijstelbloem, H. (2022). Digitisation and Sovereignty in Humanitarian Space: Technologies, Territories and Tensions. Geopolitics.
  3. Data governance clinics - A new approach to public-interest technolog…

    Jameson, S., Taylor, L., & Noorman, M. (2021). Data governance clinics: A new approach to public-interest technology in cities. Tilburg University.
  4. Exclusion and inclusion in identification - Regulation, displacement,…

    Martin, A., & Taylor, L. (2021). Exclusion and inclusion in identification: Regulation, displacement, and data justice. Information Technology for Development, 27(1), 50-66.
  5. New frontiers of migration research - Making migration information in…

    Meissner, F., & Taylor, L. (2021). New frontiers of migration research: Making migration information infrastructures visible. (pp. 1-17).

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