I am a fourth-year PhD student at Tilburg University, majoring in experimental & behavioral  economics. I am particularly interested in experiments in education, and cooperation.

My supervisors are Eric van Damme and Jan Potters. I will complete my PhD in summer 2021.

I am affiliated with the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC) and the Tilburg experimental economics research group.

I spent a month visiting the University of Arizona and a semester visiting the University of Chicago.

I also founded the Tilburg Behavioral Economics Reading Group.


My dissertation is focused on experimental economics applied to education: In my first project, I conduct a field experiment to study the impact of a compulsory debate program on critical thinking of students; in my second project with professors Daltonv.d. Heijden, and v. Soest, we evaluate a mentoring program for university freshmen. Another experiment is currently in the planning stage. The preliminary title is "Essays in the economics of education: an experimental perspective".

Outside of my dissertation I am working on a meta-analysis of early childhood interventions, and on treatment effect spillovers in social networks.

I also collaborate with a colleague from TILEC, Martin Husovec, as we experimentally study how the existing notice and takedown system could be improved.

For more details on all my research, or to see my CV, please consult my website.


I TA the graduate Microeconomics 3 (CentER) course on game theory, and the undergraduate course Microeconomics 4 (Information Economics). 

In the past I TAed the graduate Seminar  Labor  Economics, graduate game theory Microeconomics 2 (CentER), and undergraduate Microeconomics: Theory and Analysis, which covers some game theory, behavioral economics, and methodology.

I supervise bachelor theses on a variety of topics; I particularly welcome work in the area of economics of education, experimental economics (or their intersection).

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