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Lucas Mahieux's research interests include financial reporting, banking, and the effects of disclosure regulation. He is also interested in auditing issues because of the critical role that external auditors play in certifying companies financial information.

Lucas Mahieux joined Tilburg University as an Assistant Professor of Accounting in 2018. He holds a PhD in Economics from the Toulouse School of Economics (France), an MSc in Finance from the Toulouse School of Economics (France), and a MSc in Engineering from the Ecole Centrale Lille (France). 

Lucas Mahieux teaches Financial Accounting at Tilburg University. He wants his students to take away an understanding of various reporting objectives and accounting alternatives that allows them to think critically about the costs and benefits of accounting choices.

Outside of academia, Lucas enjoys biking and cooking with his wife Melanie.

Link to Lucas Mahieux's personal webpage.


Accounting, Auditing, Banking, Finance


- Financial Accounting

- Introduction to Accounting Research


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