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Lisa van Dongen currently works as course coordinator, lecturer and junior researcher at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society under the department heading of Law, Technology, Markets and Society. She has graduated cum laude from the Master Degree Programmes Law and Technology and International and European Law: EU Economic and Competition Law at Tilburg law School.

Her research interests lie primarily in the area of intellectual property law, property law, innovation and fundamental rights. Her research focuses mostly on (judicial) remedies in the enforcement of copyright and patents in the EU and US, as well as the balance between enforcement of intellectual property rights on the one hand and innovation and other fundamental rights on the other. Earlier research has also focused on the Internet of Things and privacy of the home in the context of the Privacy Spaces project at TILT. 


Autumn 2018 - Teaching assistant for the course Intellectual Property and Privacy

Spring 2019 - Teaching assistant for the course Advanced Topics in Intellectual Property Rights

Autumn 2018/Present day - Course coordinator and lecturer for the course Master's Thesis Law and Technology


Recent publications

  1. Website blocking, injunctions and beyond - View on the harmonization …

    Husovec, M., & van Dongen, L. (2017). Website blocking, injunctions and beyond: View on the harmonization from the Netherlands. GRUR International, 2017(7), 580-589.
  2. Your smart coffee machine knows what you did last summer - A legal an…

    van Dongen, L., & Timan, T. (2017). Your smart coffee machine knows what you did last summer: A legal analysis of the limitations of traditional privacy of the home under Dutch law in the era of smart technology. SCRIPT-ed - A Journal of Law, Technology & Society, 14(2), 208-238.

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