Dr. Laura van Waas is Assistant Professor at the Department of European and International Law at Tilburg Law School in the Netherlands, as well as a founder and Co-Director of the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion. Dr. van Waas’ PhD manuscript, ‘Nationality Matters’ (Intersentia, 2008), is widely used as a reference for understanding international statelessness law by researchers and practitioners all over the world, as is the edited collection ‘Nationality and Statelessness under International Law’ which she edited together with Alice Edwards (Cambridge University Press, 2014). In more than a decade of working on statelessness, Laura has carried out a wide array of research and teaching projects, both within academia and for the UN Refugee Agency. She has conducted studies for, among others, Plan International, the OHCHR, Open Society Foundations, the Women’s Refugee Commission, the United States Department of State, the European Parliament and the Norwegian Refugee Council.

Recent publications

  1. Stateless persons

    Vlieks, C., & van Waas, L. (2022). Stateless persons. In C. Binder, M. Nowak, J. A. Hofbauer, & P. Janig (Eds.), Elgar encyclopedia of human rights Edward Elgar Publishing.
  2. Stolen citizenship

    van Waas, L. (2021). Stolen citizenship. In E. Fargues, & I. Honohan (Eds.), Revocation of citizenship: The new policies of conditional membership (pp. 36-40). (EUI Working Paper RSC; Vol. 2021, No. 23). European University Institute.
  3. The intersection of international refugee law and international state…

    van Waas, L. (2021). The intersection of international refugee law and international statelessness law. In C. Costello, M. Foster, & J. McAdam (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of international refugee law (pp. 152-168). (Oxford Handbooks). Oxford University Press.
  4. The statelessness pandemic

    van Waas, L. (Author), & Brinham, N. (Author). (2021). The statelessness pandemic. Web publication/site, Project Syndicate.
  5. Citizenship stripping, expulsion and statelessness - Counter terroris…

    van Waas, L. (Author). (2020). Citizenship stripping, expulsion and statelessness: Counter terrorism measures have gone too far. Web publication/site, .

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