Mustafa is a PhD candidate in Accounting at Tilburg University School of Economics and Management.  He holds Research Master in Business (Accounting) degree from Tilburg University and Master of Science in Business (Finance) degree from Bilkent University.  He is interested in empirical financial accounting research, particularly in the fields of corporate disclosure and innovation. He specifically examines whether firms disclose their innovative qualities through various mediums and whether these disclosures are well received by capital markets. He also applies textual analysis techniques to extract information from corporate disclosures.  


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Financial Accounting , Corporate Disclosure, Corporate Innovation, Capital Markets, Textual Analysis


Recent publications

  1. Simultaneous Information Releases and Capital Market Feedback

    Ahçi, M., Martens, T., & Sextroh, C. J. (2022). Simultaneous Information Releases and Capital Market Feedback. SSRN.

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