Marcel Bastiaansen obtained a master in Experimental Psychology (1996) and a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience (cum laude) in 2000, both from Tilburg University. Since 2021 Marcel is a full professor of Leisure and Tourism Experience at Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas). At Tilburg University, he is affiliated with the department of Cognitive Neuropsychology of the School of Social and Behavioural Sciences.
At BUas Marcel is the co-founder and director of BUas' Experience Lab, which houses a range of innovative research facilities for objective, biologically-based measurements of visitor experiences and emotions. Marcel is also a member of the management team of BUas' Academy for Leisure and Events. Marcel teaches courses in BUas' scientific educational programs (BSc Leisure Studies, BSc Tourism, MSc Leisure and Tourism) on the Psychology of Leisure, on Experience Research and Design, and quantitative research methods. At Tilburg University he supervises BSc, MSc and PhD theses.

Recent publications

  1. Neural responses to facial attractiveness - Event-related potentials …

    Revers, H., Van Deun, K., Vroomen, J., & Bastiaansen, M. (2023). Neural responses to facial attractiveness: Event-related potentials differentiate between salience and valence effects. Biological Psychology, 179, [108549].
  2. Evaluating the temporal dynamics of a structured experience - Real-ti…

    Strijbosch, W., Mitas, O., van Blaricum, T., Vugts, O., Govers, C., Hover, M., Gelissen, J., & Bastiaansen, M. (2023). Evaluating the temporal dynamics of a structured experience: Real-time skin conductance and experience reconstruction measures. Leisure Sciences.
  3. An emotional roller coaster - Electrophysiological evidence of emotio…

    Bastiaansen, M., Oosterholt, M., Mitas, O., Han, D., & Lub, X. D. (2022). An emotional roller coaster: Electrophysiological evidence of emotional engagement during a roller-coaster ride with virtual reality add-on. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, 46(1), 29-54.
  4. Emotion measurement in tourism destination marketing - A comparative …

    Bastiaansen, M., Straatman, S., Mitas, O., Stekelenburg, J., & Jansen, S. (2022). Emotion measurement in tourism destination marketing: A comparative electroencephalographic and behavioral study. Journal of Travel Research, 61(2), 252-264.
  5. Meaningful leisure and tourism experiences as catalysts of well-being

    Bastiaansen, M. C. M. (2022). Meaningful leisure and tourism experiences as catalysts of well-being. Tilburg University.

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