Maurits den Hollander (MA) graduated in Medieval History at Leiden University, with a thesis on comparative cultures of accountability in Scotland and Holland between 1477 and 1515. His research interests span a broad range of financial, political and institutional topics, but in the last years he has focused on late medieval governmental auditing bodies and local financial crisis management in the northern Habsburg Netherlands around 1500. Currently, Maurits is working on a PhD in Legal History as part of the ERC-funded project His dissertation focuses on insolvency legislation in 17th century Amsterdam.


Recent publications

  1. Protecting the foreign creditor - International insolvency in early m…

    den Hollander, M., & Mooi, R. (2020). Protecting the foreign creditor: International insolvency in early modern Amsterdam and Frankfurt am Main. TSEG/ Low Countries Journal of Social and Economic History, 16(3-4), 37-57.
  2. On the relations between law and history

    den Hollander, M. (2019). On the relations between law and history. Forum Historiae Iuris, 1-8.
  3. Comparative cultures of accountability - The Scottish Exchequer and t…

    den Hollander, M. (2018). Comparative cultures of accountability: The Scottish Exchequer and the Audit Chamber of Holland between 1477 and 1515. Comparative Legal History, 6(2), 158-183.
  4. Liefde voor de archieven - Een historische sensatie? – Van manuscript…

    den Hollander, M. (Author). (2018). Liefde voor de archieven: Een historische sensatie? – Van manuscript tot scan-on-demand. Web publication/site, Jonge Historici.
  5. Unfortunate arguments for Cessie van Goede

    den Hollander, M. (Author). (2018). Unfortunate arguments for Cessie van Goede. Web publication/site, .


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