Maurits' main areas of teaching and research are the legal and institutional history of the middle ages and the early modern period. Throughout his work, he strives to embed legal developments into their broader social, economic, and cultural context, taking into regard both local and global dimensions. Maurits wrote a PhD on insolvency legislation and practices in seventeenth century Amsterdam at Tilburg University, after having pursued an MA in History at the Universities of Leiden and St. Andrews. His work has been published in journals such as Comparative Legal History and TSEG - The Low Countries Journal of Social and Economic History. Maurits' current projects include a monograph based upon his dissertation, as well as a follow up project that seeks to analyze the broader legal historical development and interactions between concepts such as trust, legitimacy and accountability in the medieval and early modern Low Countries.


European Legal History, Global History, Medieval History, Social and Economic History, Institutional History, Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Accountability, Dutch Republic, Amsterdam


I currently teach and coordinate the LAS course Early Modern Age: Globalization, Economy & Mentality,  as well as parts of the first year GLB course Global Legal History and the course History of Government and Public Institutions. Besides that, I also supervise LLB theses.


Recent publications

  1. Instituties en insolventierecht in Amsterdam tussen 1578 en 1700

    den Hollander, M. (2021). Instituties en insolventierecht in Amsterdam tussen 1578 en 1700. Nederlands Juristenblad , 96(25), 2100. [NJB 2021/1878].
  2. Stay of execution - Institutions and insolvency legislation in Amster…

    den Hollander, M. (2021). Stay of execution: Institutions and insolvency legislation in Amsterdam, 1578-1700.
  3. Citizenship in early modern Amsterdam - An artisanal identity?

    in 't Veld, M., & den Hollander, M. (2021). Citizenship in early modern Amsterdam: An artisanal identity? In D. De ruysscher, A. Cordes, S. Dauchy, G. Stefania, & H. Pihlajamäki (Eds.), Commerce, citizenship, and identity in legal history (pp. 73-95). (Legal History Library; Vol. 54). Brill.
  4. Protecting the foreign creditor - International insolvency in early m…

    den Hollander, M., & Mooi, R. (2020). Protecting the foreign creditor: International insolvency in early modern Amsterdam and Frankfurt am Main. TSEG/ Low Countries Journal of Social and Economic History, 16(3-4), 37-57.
  5. On the relations between law and history

    den Hollander, M. (2019). On the relations between law and history. Forum Historiae Iuris, 1-8.


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