Dr Frangeskou got a PhD in Management from the University of Bath, School of Management. She also earned a MSc Specialized Economic Analysis, Program in Health Economics at Barcelona Graduate School of Economics in Barcelona, Spain and a BSc Economics at the University of Cyprus, School of Economics.



Healthcare Operations Management



University of Bath, UK

Graduate School of Business at the Centre for Innovation & Sustainability, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Recent publications

  1. Cultural tensions in lean healthcare implementation - A paradox theor…

    Erthal, A., Frangeskou, M., & Marques, L. (2021). Cultural tensions in lean healthcare implementation: A paradox theory lens. International Journal of Production Economics, 233, [107968].
  2. Implementing standardised flow - Navigating operational and professio…

    Frangeskou, M., Lewis, M. A., & Vasilakis, C. (2020). Implementing standardised flow: Navigating operational and professional dependencies. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 40(7/8), 1177-1199.

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