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Marnik G. Dekimpe (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles) is Research Professor of Marketing and Head of the Marketing Department at Tilburg University (The Netherlands) and Professor of Marketing at KU Leuven (Belgium). 

His current research interests deal with recession marketing, the impact of product-harm crises, the drivers of private-label success, and the measurement of short- and long-run marketing-mix effects. 

More information about his research is available on his research profile.


Recent publications

  1. New product success in the consumer packaged goods industry - A shopp…

    Lamey, L., Deleersnyder, B., Steenkamp, J. E. B. M., & Dekimpe, M. (2018). New product success in the consumer packaged goods industry: A shopper marketing approach. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 35, 432-452.
  2. Investors' evaluations of price-increase preannouncements

    Lim, L. G., Tuli, K. R., & Dekimpe, M. (2018). Investors' evaluations of price-increase preannouncements. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 35(3), 359-377.
  3. How to brand your private labels

    Geyskens, I., Keller, K. O., Dekimpe, M. G., & de Jong, K. (2018). How to brand your private labels. Business horizons, 61(3), 487-496.
  4. Business cycle research in marketing - A review and research agenda

    Dekimpe, M., & Deleersnyder, B. (2018). Business cycle research in marketing: A review and research agenda. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 46(1), 31-58.
  5. Marketing budget allocation across countries - The role of the intern…

    Peers, Y., van Heerde, H. J., & Dekimpe, M. (2017). Marketing budget allocation across countries: The role of the international business cycle. Marketing Science, 36(5), 792-809.

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