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Maša Galič is a researcher and a lecturer in Cybercrime at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society (TILT), the Netherlands. Her main research fields are cybercrime, privacy, surveillance, smart cities, and cybersecurity. Maša conducted her PhD at TILT on the topic of privacy in public space, using the example of the ‘Stratumseind Living Lab’ in Eindhoven. During her PhD and as a postdoctoral researcher she was also involved in the 'Privacy protection in the 21st century' project of prof. Bert-Jaap Koops (NWO VICI grant). Maša is currently involved in several projects at TILT, including leading a project for the WODC on privacy risks stemming from the use of hobby drones and spy products between citizens and possibilities for regulation. In 2016 Maša was awarded the VIE prize by the Dutch Association for Intellectual Property for her article on digital copyright exhaustion.




Recent publications

  1. Surveillance and privacy in smart cities and living labs - Conceptual…

    Galič, M. (2019). Surveillance and privacy in smart cities and living labs: Conceptualising privacy for public space. Optima Grafische Communicatie.
  2. Surveillance, privacy and public space in the Stratumseind Living Lab…

    Galič, M. (2019). Surveillance, privacy and public space in the Stratumseind Living Lab: The smart city debate, beyond data. Ars Aequi, 2019(juli/augustus), 570-579. https://arsaequi.nl/product/surveillance-privacy-and-public-space-in-the-stratumseind-living-lab/
  3. Živeči laboratoriji in veliko podatkovje v praksi - Stratumseind 2.0:…

    Galič, M. (2018). Živeči laboratoriji in veliko podatkovje v praksi: Stratumseind 2.0: Diskusija živečega laboratorija na Nizozemskem. In A. Završnik, & L. Selinšek (Eds.), Pravo v dobi velikega podatkovja (pp. 85-110)
  4. The reasonableness of remaining unobserved - A comparative analysis o…

    Koops, B-J., Newell, B., Roberts, A., Skorvánek, I., & Galič, M. (2018). The reasonableness of remaining unobserved: A comparative analysis of visual surveillance and voyeurism in criminal law. Law & Social Inquiry, 43(4), 1210-1235.
  5. A typology of privacy

    Koops, B. J., Newell, B., Timan, T., Skorvánek, I., Chokrevski, T., & Galič, M. (2017). A typology of privacy. University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law, 38(2), 483-575. http://ssrn.com/abstract=2754043

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