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Dr. Martin J.M. Hoondert (* 1967) studied musicology and theology and is specialized in music and rituals. Since 2007 he is (associate) professor of ‘Music, Religion & Ritual’ at the Department of Culture Studies of Tilburg University (the Netherlands). His research focuses on ‘music and death’ and ‘practices of memorialization’. His research topics are: the contemporary Requiem, musical repertories of funeral rites, commemoration and music, music and grief, music and the First and Second World War, practices of memorialization regarding genocide (esp. Rwanda and Srebrenica). In cooperation with the universities of Cardiff (UK), Leuven (Belgium) and San Sebastian (Spain) he has established a network focusing on research into practices of memorialization and the process of social reconstruction after atrocities.


My expertise is in ritual studies, musicology, death studies and memory studies. In most of my research projects I combine these fields. For many scholars studying rituals, music is a 'blind spot', due to a lack of musical knowledge and a language to describe the way music functions in and as ritual. I have written several articles and books about the ritual and socio-religious function (cf. Durkheim) of music. I apply this knowledge in my research regarding contemporary death rituals (esp. in the crematorium) and commemorative practices after atrocities (esp. the genocides in Rwanda and Srebrenica).



I initiated an international research network regarding Practices of Memorialization after Human Rights Violations. See:

I am active member of the COST Action program "Cultural Victimology". One of the Working Groups in this COST Action concerns Victimology in Cultural Expressions. Victims and victimization are important themes in art. In film, literature and pop music, victims’ stories come to the fore. Or artists express their anger against the consequences of war and (sexual) violence. In the current phase of the COST Action we are working on the network. We are looking for researchers who work on ‘victim/victimization and (pop) music’. See for an overview of the COST Action this link:|Name:overview.

Recent publications

  1. Eerder hemels dan hels - Juryrapport Volzin-Schijfwedstrijd 2018

    Hoondert, M. (2019). Eerder hemels dan hels: Juryrapport Volzin-Schijfwedstrijd 2018. Volzin, 18(1), 30-31.
  2. Musical media in Dutch crematoria, 1914–present

    Bruin-Mollenhorst, J., & Hoondert, M. (2018). Musical media in Dutch crematoria, 1914–present. Thanatos, 7(1), 6-31.
  3. '... dat je opnieuw en opnieuw geboren wordt'. - Theater en / als rit…

    Hoondert, M. (2018). '... dat je opnieuw en opnieuw geboren wordt'. Theater en / als ritueel. In Reflecties op de Aankomst van de Titanic De Nieuwe Oost.
  4. Cultural Practices of Victimhood

    Hoondert, M., Mutsaers, P., & Arfman, W. (2018). Cultural Practices of Victimhood. (Victims, Culture and Society). Abdingdon: Routledge.
  5. De muzikale omgang met de dood - Een kort historisch overzicht

    Hoondert, M. (Author). (2018). De muzikale omgang met de dood: Een kort historisch overzicht. Web publication/site, Funeraire Academie. Retrieved from

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