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We are Tilburg University


I am an empirical researcher with expertise in developing structural econometric models at the intersection of quantitative marketing and empirical industrial organization. In my research, I generally aim to develop methodological advancements that improve data based estimation of consumer preferences as well as at generating substantial insights into relevant questions that affect business and society.

On the methodological side, I developed extensive expertise in Bayesian models of consumer heterogeneity. On the substantive side, I am interested in the implications of regulatory policy. The combination of Bayesian demand estimation techniques and empirical industrial organization methods allows me to quantify heterogeneous welfare effects of a given policy event, such as the ban of a product alternative or a taxation reform. Please visit my personal website for further information. 



Recent publications

  1. Higher minimum quality standards and redistributive effects on consum…

    Kotschedoff, M. J. W., & Pachali, M. (2020). Higher minimum quality standards and redistributive effects on consumer welfare. Marketing Science, 39(1), 253-280.

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