After studying Theology/Hebrew Bible Studies, Philosphy and International Relations in Utrecht and Leiden, I am working now on the NWO-project 'Slavery in Jewish and Christian Parables'. This project answers the questions of how Jewish and Christian parables depict and evaluate slavery and what semantic meanings are attached to the images of slave and master. The main question of this project is: How do Rabbinic and Christian parables respectively construe slavery and slave-master relations? One hypothesis we want to test here is that the reality of slavery seems to be taken for granted in the parables. Next to my research on ancient parables, I am also interested in the role of Judaism in Early Modern (transatlantic) slavery, as well as the dynamics of slavery commemoration practices in- and outside the Netherlands.  


Early Rabbinic Judaism, Early Christianity, Slavery Studies, Parables


My research is part of a big NWO-funded research project, 'Parables and the Partings of the Ways'. See our project website:

Academic affiliations

2018-now: Vice-Chair PNN, PhD Network of the Netherlands.

2017-2018: Member universitycouncil party Independents.

2016-now: Managing editor NTT Journal for Theology and the Study of Religion.

2016-now: Assistant program leader 'Initiation and Mystagogy in the Christian Tradition'.

2016-now: President and co-founder Jonge Judaici.

2015-2018: Member Tilburg PhD Platform (TiPP), as representative of the TST.

2015-2017: President PhD Council Tilburg School of Catholic Theology (TST).

2015-2017: Member PhD Council Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion (NOSTER)

2015-2017: Secretary MAISAALU (Master International Studies Alumni Association Leiden University)

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