The way we think and approach life distinguishes who we are and what we accomplish in life. Optimism, determination, helpfulness and sincerity are qualities that characterise me. In recent years I developed myself as a teacher and researcher, whereby I managed groups and projects and extended my knowledge about criminal law, psychology and research methods. Currently I am working on my PhD project about online sex offending and grooming. 


My first chapter publication is now published:

In my first article (currently under review), we used a qualitative thematic analysis to analyse 195 cases of chat conversations between online groomers and operators posing as a minor Filipino girl, to investigate online groomers' approaches to entice minors for sexual activities. 

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In the Master Clinical Forensic Psychology, I supervise 7 students with their master's thesis. 

Recent publications

  1. Sexual offending pathways and chat conversations in an online environ…

    Kleijn, M., & Bogaerts, S. (2021). Sexual offending pathways and chat conversations in an online environment. Sexual Abuse. A Journal of Research and Treatment, 33(8), 871-890.
  2. Sexual-orientated online chat conversations - Characteristics and tes…

    Kleijn, M., & Bogaerts, S. (2019). Sexual-orientated online chat conversations: Characteristics and testing pathways of online perpetrators. In S. van der Hof, I. Georgieva, B. Schermer, & B-J. Koops (Eds.), Sweetie 2.0: Using artificial intelligence to fight webcam child sex tourism (Vol. 31, pp. 95-112). (Information Technology and Law ). T.M.C. Asser Press.

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