Marjolein de Boer is an assistant professor of Health Humanities at the Department of Culture Studies at Tilburg University. She has a background in both philosophy and sociology. Before coming to the department as a postdoc researcher in 2019, she was a Marie Curie-research fellow at the University of Oslo, Norway (2017-2019). She did her PhD at Maastricht University, at the department of Health, Ethics and Society. Her work mainly focuses on women's experiences of illness and medicalization. More specifically, she researches breast cancer, infertility, chronic fatigue syndrome, and menopause. A central question in her research is: how do women experiences their bodies and selves in illness and medicalization situations? In addressing this question, Marjolein combines theoretical philosophical insights with qualitative social scientific research methods. She currently works on her NWO-VENI project 'Bodies in Transition. Making Sense of Menopause'.



- Women's experiences of illness and medicalization (for example: breast cancer, infertility, ovarian cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, menopause)

- Representations of gendered illnesses and medicalization situations (for example: breast cancer bloggers, male and female infertility, menopause activism online)

- Qualitative empirical philosophy 

- Hermeneutic and feminist phenomenology

- Epistemic in/justice in patient representation

- Member Tilburg Young Academy


Academic year 2022-2023:

MA Health Humanities | 6 ECTS | 'Diversity and Equity in Health and Medicine' |

Thesis coordinator MA Health Humanities, Tilburg University



Recent publications

  1. Health Humanities. - Een interdisciplinaire en intersectionele kijk o…

    de Boer, M., & de Haan, S. (Accepted/In press). Health Humanities. Een interdisciplinaire en intersectionele kijk op gezondheid en ziekte. Tijdschrift voor gezondheidszorg en ethiek, 32(3).
  2. In/Fertile Monsters - The Emancipatory Significance of Representation…

    de Boer, M. L., Archetti, C., & Solbraekke, K. N. (2022). In/Fertile Monsters: The Emancipatory Significance of Representations of Women on Infertility Reality TV. Journal of Medical Humanities, 43(1), 11-26.
  3. Producing ME/CFS in Dutch newspapers. A social-discursive analysis ab…

    de Boer, M. (Accepted/In press). Producing ME/CFS in Dutch newspapers. A social-discursive analysis about non/credibility. Social Epistemology.
  4. Self-monitoring/self-tracking

    de Boer, M. (Accepted/In press). Self-monitoring/self-tracking. In Encyclopedia of Health Communication
  5. Towards gender equity at the university - commitment, cash, creativit…

    de Boer, M. (2022). Towards gender equity at the university: commitment, cash, creativity, and a critical lens. In The good of the university: critical contributions from the Tilburg young academy (pp. 82-89). Tilburg University Press.

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