Magdalena (Magda) Brewczynska is a PhD researcher at Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT). She holds an LL.M. (cum laude) in Law & Technology from Tilburg University (2018) and a Master’s degree in Law obtained at Jagiellonian University in Cracow (2015).

Her research interests lie primarily in the area of privacy, data protection and cybersecurity. In the PhD project, she examines the legal uncertainties arising from the existence of two distinct regimes for the protection of personal data, namely the general regime, governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the regime applicable to the processing of personal data by competent authorities for law enforcement purposes, regulated in the so-called Police Directive.


  • 2018/2019 Capita Selecta Privacy and Data Protection (620082-M-6) - Teaching Assistant
  • 2018/2019 Master's thesis supervision - TFG: Crime and Security in the Information Age


Recent publications

  1. Poland - Policing quarantine via app

    Brewczyńska, M. (2020). Poland: Policing quarantine via app. In L. Taylor, G. Sharma, A. Martin, & S. Jameson (Eds.), Data justice and COVID-19: Global perspectives (pp. 232-239). Meatspace Press.
  2. Poland. The Polish government's actions to fight Covid-19 - A critica…

    Brewczyńska, M. (2020). Poland. The Polish government's actions to fight Covid-19: A critical look at the ‘selfie app’ and direct access to location data. EDPL, 6(2), 301-307.
  3. Data privacy laws response to ransomware attacks - A multi-jurisdicti…

    Brewczyńska, M., Dunn, S., & Elijahu, A. (2019). Data privacy laws response to ransomware attacks: A multi-jurisdictional analysis. In L. Reins (Ed.), Regulating new technologies in uncertain times (pp. 281-305). (Information Technology and Law Series; Vol. 2019, No. 32). TMC Asser Press | Springer.
  4. Government access to user data - Towards more meaningful transparency…

    Kosta, E., & Brewczyńska, M. (2019). Government access to user data: Towards more meaningful transparency reports. In R. Ballardini, P. Kuoppamäki, & O. Pitkänen (Eds.), Regulating industrial internet through IPR, data protection and competition law (pp. 253-274). KLUWER LAW INT.
  5. GDPR and China - What do we need to know

    Zhao, B., Brewczyńska, M., & Chen, W. (2018). GDPR and China: What do we need to know. TILT, Tilburg University.

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