I'm Full Professor of Philosophy of Humanity, Culture and Society at the Department of Philosophy since 2016, Chair of the Philosophy of Humanity, Culture, and Ethics (PHC&E) research group here and coordinator of the Master track Philosophy of Humanity and Culture (PHC). Educated as a philosopher of art, humanity, and culture, with a specialization in Nietzsche's musical aesthetics and philosophy of culture, I also conducted comparative research into Kant's and Nietzsche's cosmopolitanism and interdisciplinary, pps-driven research into women's football. At present, I work on Parrhesia, Critique, and Media in Post-Truth Times, in collaboration with Prof. O.M. Heynders (Dept. of Cultural Studies), Dr. M. Bot (Dept. of Law), and MA Lucie Chateau (DCU/ DFI) and, also with Prof. O.M. Heynders, on the project Toward an Auditive Democracy: the Philosophy and Art of Listening, Silence and Attention. I continue my work on Nietzsche, also in collaboration with Dr. Max van der Heijden.


AOS: Philosophy of Culture; Philosophy of Art/ Aesthetics; History of Modern Continental Philosophy; Philosophy of Sport; Feminist and Trans Critique/ Body-Phenomenology; Philosophy of Media; Nietzsche; Kant; Foucault; Zuboff; Butler. Topics: Europe, music, women's football, sports, post-truth, free speech, media, critique, cancel culture, listening, 'auditive democracy'. I am specifically interested in the relationship between aesthetics and politics, and in art, sports, play, and the public sphere as domains of resistance and emancipation, humanity, and freedom. Currently, I am theorizing silence as a form of resistance and exploring public listening to develop what I call an 'auditive democracy' from below. I seek to develop auditive democracy as a counterweight to deliberative democracy, specifically with the help of artistic or 'aesthetic education' of the public and 'citizen science' (i.e., the integration of people's lived experiences of listening, silence, and attention).



1) Philosophy of Media and Online Culture (MA Philosophy; 3 ECTS)

2) Enlightenment, Counterenlightenment (MA Philosophy; 6 ECTS)

3) Wijsgerige Antropologie (BA 1 Filosofie; Pre-Master filosofie; 6 ECTS)

4) Filosofie van de Communicatie (BA 2 CIW; 6 ECTS; met Dr. Christiaan Boonen)



1) Enlightenment, Counterenlightenment (MA Philosophy; 6 ECTS; with Dr. Max van der Heijden)

2) Filosofie van de Communicatie (BA 2 CIW; 6 ECTS; met Natasha van Rietdijk, MA)




With Prof. O.M. Heynders (DCU):

1.TSHD RT (2021) - 'Cancelling Cancel Culture: Toward a New Ethics of Listening'

2. TiU Impact PhD (2018-2023) - ‘Trolling Attacks and Hate Campaigns: Towards a Healthy Use of Social Media in the Public Sphere’, also with Dr. M. Bot (TLS) and PhD Student Lucie Chateau

3. TSHD RT (2017-2018) - ‘Free Speech Reconsidered: Parrèsiastès and the Changing Dutch Public Sphere, an interdisciplinary study’

Met Prof. M. Oosterbaan (UU), Mulier Instituut, Johan Cruyff Foundation, Tripledouble Sportmarketing, Atria, Women Win, Sportbank:

4. NWO VIMP (2017-2018) – ‘Naar een optimale begeleiding van voetbalmeiden en een sportcultuur van onvoorwaardelijke stimulans’ 

5. NWO Alfa Meerwaarde (2014-2015) – ‘Meiden, voetbal! Een pps-gestuurd onderzoek naar de impact en impactmeting

6. NWO Sport (2013-2019) - 'Van voetbalvrouwen tot vrouwenvoetbal: een interdisciplinair onderzoek naar de maatschappelijke impact van meiden- en vrouwenvoetbal in Nederland'


Recent publications (selection):

  1. Archer, A. and Prange, M. (2019), ‘Equal play, equal pay’: moral grounds for equal pay in football. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport. Published online: 30 May 2019.
  2. Prange, M. (2018). “Living in Contradiction”: Iris Marion Young’s Contribution to the Philosophy of Sports. In: Sandrine Berges, Alberto Siani (eds.), Women Philosophers on Autonomy. London: Routledge.
  3. Prange, M. & Oosterbaan, M. (red.), 2017. Vrouwenvoetbal in Nederland: spiegel en katalysator van maatschappelijke verandering. Utrecht: Klement/ Amsterdam: Atria
  4. Prange, M. & Oosterbaan, M. 2017. “Vrouwenvoetbal in Nederland: gevangen in paradoxen” in Vrouwenvoetbal in Nederland. Spiegel en katalysator van maatschappelijke verandering, red. M. Prange en M. Oosterbaan, 11-30. Utrecht: Klement/ Amsterdam: Atria.
  5. Prange, M. & Oosterbaan, M. (red.), 2017. Meidenvoetbal in 14 verhalen. Utrecht: Klement/ Amsterdam: Johan Cruyff Foundation.
  6. Prange, M. (2017).‘In het theater van de waarheid: parrhèsia, vrijheid en verzet. Tilburg: Prisma Printing [inaugurele rede].
  7. Prange, M. (2013/ 2016). Nietzsche, Wagner, Europe. [Monographien und Texte zur Nietzscheforschung 61]. Berlin/ Boston: Walter de Gruyter.

Recent public publications, interviews, performances and events (selection):

Recent publications

  1. A Philosophy of Humanity Lost

    Prange, M. (2023). A Philosophy of Humanity Lost. In K. Schelkens, & A. Smeets (Eds.), Asking Questions About Asking Questions - On the Anthropocene: An Interschool Symposium (pp. 48-55). Open Press Tilburg University.
  2. Een kunst alleen voor kunstenaars! - Nietzsches herwonnen joie de viv…

    Prange, M. (2023). Een kunst alleen voor kunstenaars! Nietzsches herwonnen joie de vivre in de vrolijke wetenschap. In Dat alles ben ik: Gedichten (pp. 275-289). Historische uitgeverij.
  3. Is Critical Naturalism Necessary?

    Prange, M., Gemert, T. V., Deijl-Kloeg, W. V. D., & Santori, P. (2023). Is Critical Naturalism Necessary? Krisis | Journal for Contemporary Philosophy.
  4. The Vital Importance of Play for Humanity: - Nietzsche’s Fourfold Phi…

    Prange, M. (Accepted/In press). The Vital Importance of Play for Humanity: Nietzsche’s Fourfold Philosophy of Play in The Birth of Tragedy. Tijdschrift voor Filosofie.
  5. 'La Gaya Scienza’ in music - Nietzsche’s Homage to Goethe, Italy, and…

    Prange, M. (2022). 'La Gaya Scienza’ in music: Nietzsche’s Homage to Goethe, Italy, and Lightness in Joke, Cunning, and Revenge. In A. Durakoglu, M. Steinmann, & Y. Tuncel (Eds.), Nietzsche and Music: Philosophical Thoughts and Musical Experiments (pp. 56-70). (Nietzsche Now). Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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