1) asylum 2.0 and the implication of the internet for the process of asylum seeking practices and the politics of suspicion


2) the institutional responses to super-diversity in urban and non-urban spaces across Europe


3) language, identity and super-diversity in regular primary school classrooms and classrooms for the reception of young third country nationals.


4) e-citizenship apprenticeship, e-inclusion/exclusion through CEFR based applied assessment in the L2 classroom.


Language Globalisation and Superdiversity (MA)

Advancements in Ethnography (MA Res)

The Sociolinguistics of Globalisation (MA Res)

Research Methodology: Interviewing Techniques and Ethnographic Fieldwork (MA)

Discourse and Media Theory (BA)

Digital Literacies (BA)

Doing Research: Skills (BA)

Master thesis circle MCD: Superdiversity and practices of Integration




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Recent publications

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  3. Educational environments as contested multicultural discursive spaces

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  5. Interactional regimes of sociolinguistic behaviour - An ethnographic …

    Spotti, M. (2020). Interactional regimes of sociolinguistic behaviour: An ethnographic exploration of the scales at play across the spaces of an asylum-seeking centre. Applied Linguistics Review.

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