Expert member of the United Nations Knowledge Network "Harmony with Nature".

I was born in Bogotá (Colombia), where I obtained a law degree and a postgraduate Specialization in Private and Economic Law at Universidad Nacional. I hold an LLM in International and European Law in the track International Law and Human Rights Law (Tilburg University); and a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Policy at the University of Cambridge. In September 2019, I started my doctoral studies on the Rights of Nature, with a focus on the Colombian judgements that recognized rights to the Atrato River Basin and the Amazon rainforest.

I have worked for the academic, public and corporate sectors in the areas of international law, human rights, consumer rights, commercial law, and social and economic policy.


I started my career with a clerkship at the Constitutional Court of Colombia, where I reviewed nation-wide judgements on human rights violations. I also served as legal counsel to the National Planning Department of Colombia, where I contributed to legal reform and economic policy. Moreover, I served as legal counsel to Universidad Nacional de Colombia, within projects to reform and enforce laws falling under the responsibility of Colombia’s health supervisory authority, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Administrative Department for Science, Technology and Innovation. I also contributed to several academic projects in Colombia, managed by Universidad Distrital and Universidad de la Sabana.  In 2010 I moved to The Netherlands, where I worked for the corporate sector in the areas of international contract negotiation, consumer law and commercial law. In 2018 I returned to academia with the objective of bringing my multi-sectorial expertise back to research and educational projects.


I enjoy learning environments that enable dialogue across diversified backgrounds and worldviews. I value all forms of knowledge and I am inspired by discussions where collectively we can explore interrelations among the web of life and the role of humans to protect life on Earth. Across the collective experience of learning, I consider myself as an in-training holistic thinker. In a learning space, I do not differentiate between teachers and students, I see everyone is both at the same time, and I am grateful to those sharing their ideas with us.  



I find inspiration in initiatives aimed at powering holistic ethical transformations and at bringing science and civil society closer to policymaking. BioCulturalism, Earth Jurisprudence and social entrepreneurship are my collaboration motors. Because of my international multi-sectorial experience, I enjoy collaborating in multi-cultural and multi-sectorial teams that pursue social flourishment in harmony with the planet that hosts us. I actively engage in systemic transformations by providing trainings to general public and accompanying civil society initiatives relating to global justice.

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