I have been working at the library since 1985. I witnessed the university change from Katholieke Hogeschool Tilburg to Katholieke Universiteit Brabant, then Universiteit van Tilburg and now Tilburg University.  

In all that time I have held various positions at the library, including library assistant for the ECO collection, documentalist at Excerpta Informatica and repository manager.  Over the years I slowly but surely grew along with the digital world; I still remember when I held my first 'mouse'. 

Proud of my team LIS-Research Support!  With all the different areas of expertise within our team, we complement each other well in order to offer support to the work of researchers and lecturers.


In the LIS-Research Support team, I'm responsible for open access and copyright. Since March 2019, I am also responsible for the TiSEM library collection.

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