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We are Tilburg University


My research examines the role of market organizations in addressing a range of complex challenges facing societies today. I study why market actors integrate social goals into their activities, the challenges they encounter both from within and outside the organization, and how organizing for social goals differs across institutional contexts. I have published on these questions in the areas of corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship.

I have a PhD in Management from the Freie Universitaet Berlin with research stays at the Kellogg School of Management and Cornell University, and was a postdoctoral scholar at the Hertie School before joining Tilburg University.


Recent publications

  1. Alternative organizing with social purpose - Revisiting institutional…

    Mair, J., & Rathert, N. (2020). Alternative organizing with social purpose: Revisiting institutional analysis of market-based activity. Socio-Economic Review.
  2. Social enterprises = Sharing economy organizations?

    Mair, J. (Author), Rathert, N. (Author), & Reischauer, G. (Author). (2019). Social enterprises = Sharing economy organizations?. Web publication/site, Copenhagen Business School’s Department of Management, Society and Communication . http://www.bos-cbscsr.dk/2019/09/11/social-enterprises-sharing-economy-organizations/
  3. Social entrepreneurship - Prospects for the study of market based act…

    Mair, J., & Rathert, N. (2019). Social entrepreneurship: Prospects for the study of market based activity and social change. In A. McWilliams, D. E. Rupp, D. S. Siegel, G. K. Stahl, & D. A. Waldman (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of corporate social responsibility: Psychological and organizational perspectives (pp. 359-373). Oxford University Press.
  4. Private governance as regulatory substitute or complement? - A compar…

    Jackson, G., & Rathert, N. (2017). Private governance as regulatory substitute or complement? A comparative institutional approach to CSR adoption by multinational corporations. In C. DöRrenbächer, & M. Geppert (Eds.), Multinational corporations and organization theory: Post millennium perspectives (Vol. 49, pp. 445-478). (Research in the Sociology of Organizations). Emerald Publishing.
  5. Strategies of legitimation - MNEs and the adoption of CSR in response…

    Rathert, N. (2016). Strategies of legitimation: MNEs and the adoption of CSR in response to host-country institutions. Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), 47(7), 858–879.

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