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We are Tilburg University


Current research focuses on understanding how a combined approach of entrepreneurial education with personal coaching and a digital platform empowers youth through entrepreneurial skills, developing employment opportunities.


Research background: experimental research on the underlying mechanisms explaining information sharing behaviour looking in particular at the role of individual motivations (e.g., social motivation, power perceptions) and technological features (e.g., information display and social buttons). Nicoleta has a bachelor’s degree in sociology (UAIC), a research master in social and organizational psychology (RuG) and received her PhD at VU University Amsterdam, Communication Science Department.

Recent publications

  1. Information sharing as strategic behaviour - The role of information …

    Balau, N., & Utz, S. (2017). Information sharing as strategic behaviour: The role of information display, social motivation and time pressure. Behaviour & Information Technology, 36(6), 589-605.
  2. Exposing information sharing as strategic behavior - Power as respons…

    Balau, N., & Utz, S. (2016). Exposing information sharing as strategic behavior: Power as responsibility and "trust" buttons. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 46(10), 593-606.

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