Nuna Zekić is associate professor at the Department of Private, Business and Labour Law. Her expertise lies in the area of labour law and more precisely, dismissal protection, flexible employment and equal treatment at the workplace. She is especially interested in flexible work arrangements in relation to growing income inequality as well as in the normative foundations of labour law. Her doctoral thesis, entitled 'Employment security in labour law' (2014),  was awarded cum laude. She has published in national and international journals and books on issues such as platform work, multiple job-holding, sustainability in relation with labour law.

She teaches i.a. the master course Employment Law. From 2015 till 2019, she was the academic director of the Dutch LLM program in Law. She is now the vice chair of the Examination Board of TLS. She is member of the editorial board of Tijdschrift voor Ontslagrecht (Journal for Dismissal Law). 


Recent publications

  1. De arbeidsmarkt en het nieuwe coalitieakkoord

    Zekic, N. (2022). De arbeidsmarkt en het nieuwe coalitieakkoord. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  2. In-work poverty in the Netherlands

    Zekic, N., Houwerzijl, M., Bekker, S., & Evers, M. (2022). In-work poverty in the Netherlands. In L. Ratti (Ed.), In-work poverty in Europe: Vulnerable and under-represented persons in a comparative perspective (pp. 193-239). (Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations; Vol. 111). Kluwer, Law International.
  3. In-work poverty - An image of the working poor in the Netherlands

    Bekker, S., Evers, M., Houwerzijl, M., & Zekic, N. (2021). In-work poverty: An image of the working poor in the Netherlands.
  4. Symposium sociaal recht 4.0

    Cremers, J. (Other), Houwerzijl, M. (Other), Zekic, N. (Other), Montebovi, S. (Other), & Schoukens, P. (Other). (2021). Symposium sociaal recht 4.0. Digital or Visual Products
  5. Platformisering, algoritmisering en sociale bescherming - Sociaalrech…

    Houwerzijl, M., Montebovi, S., & Zekic, N. (Eds.) (2021). Platformisering, algoritmisering en sociale bescherming: Sociaalrechtelijke uitdagingen in tijden van digitale transformatie. (Monografieën Sociaal Recht; No. 78). Wolters Kluwer.

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