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We are Tilburg University


Prof. Dr. Delimatsis is the Chair of EU and International Economic Law at Tilburg University. Since 2011, he has been the Director of the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC), an interdisciplinary Center of Excellence of some 40 researchers, the biggest of its kind in Europe, studying the governance of economic activity. He leads the research cluster 'Institutions' within the TILEC Research Programme 2018-2023 and TILEC's work on standardization, competition and innovation. In December 2016, he was awarded a Consolidator Grant of €2 million by the European Research Council (ERC), the most prestigious mid-level grant in Europe. With his 5-member team, he seeks to identify the determinants and traits of resilience and transformative capacity of non-State bodies in the areas of finance and manufacturing. In recognition of his interdisciplinary expertise, he was recently appointed as a Panel Member of the ERC Advanced Grants Evaluation Panel.


Prof. Delimatsis has over fifteen years of experience in international economic and EU law. His most influential work is in the areas of EU market governance, international trade (notably trade in services liberalization); transnational private regulation; and the governance of standard-setting. He has had important speaking engagements, including as a keynote speaker or expert in parliamentary hearings, on those issues all around the world. His current research interests include the institutional and substantive aspects of standardization, financial regulation and energy. His work has appeared in top refereed international and European journals. His most recent research papers are available on SSRN and on  ResearchGate and announced on Twitter (@panosdelimatsis). He currently supervises various PhD projects in the areas of financial and technical standardization; on trade and investment law; and on EU internal market and external relations law.


His teaching focuses on EU trade law (as reflected in the functioning of the EU internal market) and the role of the EU as a leading global actor. Global trade law complements his main teaching tasks. Prof Delimatsis uses comparative law methods in his teaching and takes a case-law based approach in his lectures and seminars to instigate discussion and interaction among students. In other instances, he uses ficticious cases to see the limits of certain case-law. He is particularly interested in deciphering the normative force of soft law and the rules of private ordering regimes inspired by the Law and Economics literature. He holds the Senior University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) and has successfully introduced visual content in his lectures as much as feasible. Prof. Delimatsis has coached student teams from Tilburg University to participate in global moot court competitions such as the ELSA WTO Law Moot Court Competition and organized internal moot courts at the bachelor level. 



Beyond his academic work, he has advised on international economic law, WTO law and EU law to a number of countries, NGOs, international organizations, and the private sector. Some of his recent work has focused on domestic regulation reforms in developing countries, notably in Africa; managed trade liberalization and the effects on development; the repercussions of Brexit on certain services sectors and the EU policy in similar matters; as well as the pros and cons of existing preferential trade models in the areas of services and technical barriers to trade. Prof. Delimatsis has held visiting appointments in several universities and is invited in prestigious conferences on a regular basis. He is a member of the American and European Societies of International Law (ASIL and ESIL, respectively) and the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL) as well as the American Law and Economics Association (ALEA).


Prof. Delimatsis is the author of 'International Trade in Services and Domestic Regulations - Necessity, Transparency, and Regulatory Diversity' (International Economic Law Series, Oxford University Press, 2007). He also co-edited two collective volumes, the first on 'The Prospects of International Trade Regulation' (Cambridge University Press, 2011) and the second on 'Financial Services at the Crossroads - Implications for Supervision, Institutional Design and Trade' (Kluwer Law International, 2011). Recently, he edited 'The Law, Economics and Politics of International Standardization' (Cambridge University Press, 2015) and a Research Handbook on Climate Change and Trade (Edward Elgar, 2016). His work has been cited extensively in the relevant academic literature and by international organizations such as the WTO.

He has also served as expert for various national science foundations in evaluating research projects.

Recent publications

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  2. Subsidies and investment promotion reaching new heights in the aviati…

    Delimatsis, P., & Buzard, K. (2019). Subsidies and investment promotion reaching new heights in the aviation sector: The US - tax incentives dispute. World Trade Review, 18(2), 327-351.
  3. When disruptive meets streamline - International standardization in b…

    Delimatsis, P. (2019). When disruptive meets streamline: International standardization in blockchain. In O. Hari, D. Kraus, & T. Obrist (Eds.), Blockchains, smart contracts, decentralised autonomous organisations and the law (pp. 83-100). Edward Elgar.
  4. From Sacchi to Uber - 60 years of services liberalization, ten years …

    Delimatsis, P. (2018). From Sacchi to Uber: 60 years of services liberalization, ten years of the services directive in the EU. Yearbook of European Law, 37, 188-250.
  5. Global standard-setting 2.0 - How the WTO spotlights ISO and impacts …

    Delimatsis, P. (2018). Global standard-setting 2.0: How the WTO spotlights ISO and impacts the transnational standard-setting process. Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law, 28, 273-326.

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