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Jaap Paauwe is a full professor of Organization and Human Resource Management. His research focuses on the relationship between HRM, performance and well-being, HR functional excellence, HRM and the institutional context, HR analytics and Talent Management. He is Vice-Dean for Research at Tilburg School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Tilburg University and director of the People Management Center, a Center for Work, Well-being and Performance, which focuses on building bridges between academia and practitioners. Next to his affiliation with Tilburg University, he is also involved in the supervising of a number of PhD students in the area of HRM and Performance in health care settings at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Jaap holds an honorary chair at Pablo de Olavide University in Sevilla (Spain) and an honorary chair at North-West University in Potchefstroom, (South-Africa). He has published widely on the aforementioned topics in international refereed journals and is also involved


Recent publications

  1. Speaking up about patient safety concerns

    Alingh, C. W., van Wijngaarden, J., van de Voorde, F. C., Paauwe, J., & Huijsman, R. (2019). Speaking up about patient safety concerns: The influence of safety management approaches and climate on nurses' willingness to speak up. BMJ Quality & Safety, 28(1), 39-48.
  2. The turn to employees in the measurement of human resource practices

    Beijer, S., Peccei, R., Van Veldhoven, M., & Paauwe, J. (2019). The turn to employees in the measurement of human resource practices: A critical review and proposed way forward. Human Resource Management Journal.
  3. Exploring trade-offs between lean management & six sigma and employee…

    De Koeijer, R., Paauwe, J., Huijsman, R., & Strating, M. (Accepted/In press). Exploring trade-offs between lean management & six sigma and employee well-being in health care: The role of human resource management. Human Resource Management Journal.
  4. Fostering expatriate success

    van der Laken, P., van Engen, M., van Veldhoven, M., & Paauwe, J. (2019). Fostering expatriate success: A meta-analysis of the differential benefits of social support. Human Resource Management Review.
  5. The ConCom Safety Management Scale

    Alingh, C. W., Strating, M. M. H., van Wijngaarden, J. D. H., Paauwe, J., & Huijsman, R. (2018). The ConCom Safety Management Scale: Developing and testing a measurement instrument for control-based and commitment-based safety management approaches in hospitals. BMJ Quality & Safety, 27(10).

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