I am Associate Professor of Private Law at Tilburg Law School and research coordinator of the Tilburg Institute for Private Law (TIP). I wrote my PhD thesis at the European University Institute in Florence, and was a visiting researcher at London School of Economics and Political Science (2011) and at the University of Oxford (2018). Before joining Tilburg Law School I was assistant professor of private law at Radboud University, the Netherlands.


As a researcher within the NWO Veniproject The Constitutionalization of private regulation, I am concerned with the liability of private actors for their regulatory activities, such as monitoring, sanctioning and setting norms. To give a concrete example: a French manufacturer of breast implants was found to have lied about the composition of its product. The implants started to leak and tear, with awful medical consequences for women all over the world. There was just one problem: the manufacturer had already gone bankrupt. Who is liable in such a case, the regulator? Can you hold a party liable that isn't directly involved? What are the reasonable limits of liability law in and outside Europe? The cross-border aspect is captivating: in different countries judges may apply different policy considerations after all. Overall, this project is fascinating: it calls for practical answers drawn from the theoretical domains of European private law, EU Internal market law and risk regulation.


I teach and have taught various course within the broad field of private law, including contract, tort and property law. The perspective I take is comparative, transnational and interdisciplinary.


Recent publications

  1. Europese productnormen en privaatrechtelijke normstelling - Recensie …

    Verbruggen, P. (2021). Europese productnormen en privaatrechtelijke normstelling: Recensie proefschrift Gitta Veldt. Maandblad voor Vermogensrecht, 2021(1), 38-42.
  2. Klimaatrechtspraak, consumentenrecht en misleidende milieuclaims

    Verbruggen, P. (2021). Klimaatrechtspraak, consumentenrecht en misleidende milieuclaims. Tijdschrift voor consumentenrecht & handelspraktijken, (4), 186-188.
  3. Methoden van systematische rechtspraakanalyse: Tussen juridische dogm…

    Verbruggen, P. (2021). Methoden van systematische rechtspraakanalyse: Tussen juridische dogmatiek en data science. Boom juridisch.
  4. Sportbonden voor de rechter - Een systematische jurisprudentieanalyse…

    Verbruggen, P. (Accepted/In press). Sportbonden voor de rechter: Een systematische jurisprudentieanalyse naar de rechterlijke toetsing van regulerend handelen door sportbonden. Ars Aequi, (9), 827-840.
  5. Aansprakelijkheid voor ongeschikte medische hulpzaken volgens de Hoge…

    Verbruggen, P. (2020). Aansprakelijkheid voor ongeschikte medische hulpzaken volgens de Hoge Raad. WPNR: Weekblad voor Privaatrecht, Notariaat en Registratie , 2020(7303), 839-841.

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