I'm a PhD candidate in Accounting. I started my PhD study in 2017 at KU Leuven and continued at Tilburg University since 2018. I'm interested in understanding the behaviors of parties in the Accounting discipline: employees, managers, auditors, investors, etc.


Working Papers:

When Does Employee Giving Spill Over into Subsequent Ethics? The Role of the Organization of the Employee Giving Program (with Eddy Cardinaels and Huaxiang Yin)

All Show and No Know? The Effects of Outcome Transparency and Learning Path on Employee Learning Behaviors (with Eddy Cardinaels and Willie Choi)

Keep Ethics Connected: The Impact of Reporting Device on Reporting Honesty (solo-authored)



Aart de Zeeuw Scholarship (research visit @ John List's experimental economics group at University of Chicago)


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