Robert Dorschel is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Tilburg University. He is a sociologist of class and digital labor. In his work, Robert has analyzed the subjectivity of tech workers, the professionalization of data scientists, and the changing class relations in digital capitalism. He is currently finalizing a book titled “The Social Codes of Tech Workers” with MIT Press. Alongside this research, Robert also examines the rise of the green tech industry as well as ecological class divides and the new forms of distinction that correspond to them.

Robert completed his PhD in sociology at the University of Cambridge after studying sociology and political science at Humboldt-University Berlin, Duke University, and the University of Kiel.

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Top publications

  1. Middle-class responses to climate change - An analysis of the ecologi…

    Dorschel, R. (2023). Middle-class responses to climate change: An analysis of the ecological habitus of tech workers. Current Sociology. Advance online publication.
  2. Reconsidering digital labour - Bringing tech workers into the debate

    Dorschel, R. (2022). Reconsidering digital labour: Bringing tech workers into the debate. New Technology Work and Employment, 37(2), 288-307.
  3. A new middle-class fraction with a distinct subjectivity - Tech worke…

    Dorschel, R. (2022). A new middle-class fraction with a distinct subjectivity: Tech workers and the transformation of the entrepreneurial self. Sociological Review, 70(6), 1302-1320.
  4. Discovering needs for digital capitalism - The hybrid profession of d…

    Dorschel, R. (2021). Discovering needs for digital capitalism: The hybrid profession of data science. Big Data & Society, 8(2).
  5. Professionalisierung mittels Ambiguität. Die diskursive Konstruktion …

    Dorschel, R., & Brandt, P. (2021). Professionalisierung mittels Ambiguität. Die diskursive Konstruktion von Data Scientists in Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft. Zeitschrift für Soziologie, 50(3-4), 193-210.

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