Prof.dr. Ronald Leenes (1964) is full professor in Regulation by Technology at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (Tilburg University). I was TILT's director from Sept 2015 – Feb 2022.

I am interested in many things in the Law & Technology landscape and have worked and published on many aspects of Cyberspace regulation.  In particular, I am interested in techno-regulation, conceptual issues with respect to privacy, data protection in practice, data analytics, robotics, AI and human enhancement. My current work focuses on control (aka techno-regulation, accountability and transparency) in autonomous vehicles and on regulatory failure in technology regulation.


I am the editor in chief of the Diamond Open Access Journal Technology & Regulation (


Ronald  teaches regulatory theory and regulation of technology in the course Regulation, Ethics, Acceptability and Legitimacy (REAL), and Regulation and Governance of AI  in the LLM Law & Technology programme.

I am also involved in various Executive training courses in Data Science, Law & Technology and others.

Currently I supervise (advise) six PhD students. 



I have worked in several EU funded FP6/7/Horizon projects, such as the PRIME project, PrimeLife, ENDORSE, Robolaw and A4Cloud and lead various work packages within these projects.

I have done extensive research commissioned by the European Commission and various Dutch ministries and am committed to help solve societal issues.

I am a member of the Advisory Committee Automated Applications (Adviescommissie Kwaliteit Onbemenste Toepassingen) of the SIVI, domain lead Socio-Legal-Ethics of TAISiG (Tilburg AI Special Interest Group).

Recent publications

  1. Research handbook on EU data protection law

    Kosta, E., Leenes, R., & Kamara, I. (Eds.) (2022). Research handbook on EU data protection law. (1st ed.) (Research Handbooks in European Law). Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.
  2. Introduction to research handbook on EU data protection law

    Leenes, R., Kosta, E., & Kamara, I. (2022). Introduction to research handbook on EU data protection law. In E. Kosta, L. Ronald, & I. Kamara (Eds.), Research handbook on EU data protection law (1st ed., pp. 1-10). (Research Handbooks in European Law series). Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd..
  3. Technology and regulation 2021

    Leenes, R., & Martin, A. (Eds.) (2022). Technology and regulation 2021. Open Press TiU.
  4. Data protection and privacy - Data protection and artificial intellig…

    Hallinan, D., Leenes, R., & de Hert, P. (Eds.) (2021). Data protection and privacy: Data protection and artificial intelligence. (Computers, Privacy and Data Protection). Hart Publishing.
  5. Technology and regulation 2019

    Leenes, R., & Martin, A. (Eds.) (2021). Technology and regulation 2019. Open Press TiU.

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