Rubin Steegh

Rubin Steegh

PhD Candidate

TSB: Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
TSB: Department of Human Resource Studies


Rubin Steegh MSc is a PhD Candidate at Tilburg University and dsm-firmenich (formerly DSM). For the past four years, he has studied the Agile way of working and its relationship with the adaptive performance of Agile teams and the well-being of individual team members. The research was carried out in collaboration with a number of Dutch multinationals, including Rabobank, and has uncovered insights on how Agile works, why Agile works and who contribute in what way to sustained adaptive performance in organizations. The research includes meaningful implications for organizations that manage an ever-changing and complex environment by means of Agile ways of working.

This PhD project is a collaboration with dsm-firmenich. Supervisors on behalf of Tilburg University are dr. Karina van de Voorde and Prof. dr. Jaap Paauwe., while dr. Laura Stevens supervises on behalf of dsm-firmenich.


Agile (ways of working)

Strategic HRM

Organizational Behavior


Master thesis in Human Resource Studies


Collaboration with Agile teams from ABN AMRO, ASML, Rabobank, dsm-firmenich, UWV, KLM, UWV and Tilburg University. 

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