A few years ago I started my own educational career here at Tilburg University, now I am happy to share my knowledge and hopefully enthuse prospective social scientists as a lecturer at the Sociology department. My main research interest lies in investigating how culture manages to shape individuals and our society as a whole. Topics such as cultural capital, religion, individualism/collectivism therefore intrigue me very much. My master thesis ''Anything but Country and Western: analysing cultural omnivorism in the United Kingdom'', for example, shows how one's educational background is linked to one's cultural taste. 


Recent publications

  1. Alles behalve country en western - Een analyse van cultureel omnivori…

    Oomens, R. (2023). Alles behalve country en western: Een analyse van cultureel omnivorisme in het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Mens en Maatschappij, 98(2), 125-149.


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