My name is Ruidi. I  joined Tilburg University in 2017 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Accountancy. I am also a visiting scholar at Harvard Business School.  I obtained my PhD degree from the University of Melbourne. My research and teaching activities focus broadly on management accounting topics and issues. My current studies focus on how firms can achieve high performance through the design of formal and informal control mechanisms. 


My teaching activities focus on management accounting topics. I am currently teaching 324223 - Intermediate Management Accounting, a course which is designed based on classic business cases from world leading business schools and offered to third-year bachelor, pre-master, and post-master students. I designed and delivered this course in a way that aims to develop students for understanding and solving real-life control problems.

I also work as a master thesis supervisor. I supervise master students who choose such topics as management controls, corporate culture, gender issues in modern firms, corporate governance, etc. I believe teaching and supervision are not just about delivering knowledge. More importantly, it is about developing students' ability to solve problems professionally and independently. 



Recent publications

  1. Tone at the bottom - Measuring corporate misconduct risk from the tex…

    Campbell, D., & Shang, R. (2022). Tone at the bottom: Measuring corporate misconduct risk from the text of employee reviews. Management Science, 68(9), 7034-7053.
  2. Group identity, performance transparency, and employee performance

    Shang, R., Abernethy, M., & Hung, C-Y. (2020). Group identity, performance transparency, and employee performance. The Accounting Review, 95(5), 373-397.

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