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As a Chinese legal scholar trained in the Netherlands, Dr. Bo Zhao is a Senior Research Fellow working at Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society (TILT), Tilburg University School of Law, the Netherlands. Before his joining TILT in Oct. 2017, he worked as a Senior Research Fellow on various EU research projects at the STeP Research Group (Security, Technology and e-Privacy) at the Faculty of Law, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.  His research covers comparative data privacy protection law, in particular cross-border data protection, law and technology, cybersecurity and cybercrime, defamation law, data protection law and policy issues in China.


Course coordinator and lecturer ( Data Science: sustainability, privacy and security)



Recent publications

  1. Unraveling home protection in the IoT age - Smart living, mixed reali…

    Zhao, B. (2020). Unraveling home protection in the IoT age: Smart living, mixed reality, and home 2.0. The Columbia Science and Technology Law Review, 21(1), 1-38. https://journals.library.columbia.edu/index.php/stlr/article/view/4876
  2. Connected cars in China - Technology, data protection and regulatory …

    Zhao, B. (2019). Connected cars in China: Technology, data protection and regulatory responses. In G. Hornung, & A. Roßnagel (Eds.), Grundrechtsschutz im Smart Car Kommunikation, Sicherheit und Datenschutz im vernetzten Fahrzeug (pp. 417-438). Springer/Link.
  3. Data protection as a fundamental right - The European General Data Pr…

    Zhao, B., & Chen, W. (2019). Data protection as a fundamental right: The European General Data Protection Regulation and its extraterritorial application in China. US-China Law Review, 16(3), 97-113.
  4. 论数据保护权作为一项基本权利- - 以《欧盟一般数据保护条例》为分析对象

    Chen, W., & Zhao, B. (2018). 论数据保护权作为一项基本权利-: 以《欧盟一般数据保护条例》为分析对象. Journal of Southwest University of Political Science & Law, 20(6), 48-60. http://qks.swupl.edu.cn/docs/2019-01/20190111120427151640.pdf
  5. A privacy perspective of open government - Sex, wealth and transparen…

    Zhao, B. (2018). A privacy perspective of open government: Sex, wealth and transparency in China. In A. Kok (Ed.), Proliferation of open government initiatives and systems (pp. 29-48). IGI Global.

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