After studying Catholic Theology at Tilburg University and Clinical Psychology at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences (Arlington VA, USA), I am now working on a PhD project regarding the youth ministry of New Ecclesial Movements (NEMs). My research is qualitative-descriptive and my main research question: How do New Ecclesial Movements practice/organize youth ministry and how do the young people who come experience it? To answer this question and its related sub-questions, I am doing three consecutive case studies: the Franciscan Youth Work, the Chemin Neuf Community and the Emmanuel Community.  I focus on each movement's youth ministry organization and content (activities; presence of relational ministry and/or pastoral care; and theological concepts or catechesis) and include viewpoints of organizers as well as young people through in-depth interviewing and participant-observation.


Youth Ministry, New Ecclesial Movements, Qualitative Case-Study Research


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