I am the lecturer of the practice sessions for the Cross-Cultural Skills course. I also grade the interview assignment for the Cross-Cultural Skills course and internship reports for the master's Internship course for the Economic Psychology and Work and Organizational Psychology master's program. I also work as a Career Specialist for an online academy that trains people to become UX/UI designers, Data analysts, and Web-developers. I have guided so far more than 100 students during the job preparation course and helped them create job materials such as CVs, cover letters, online portfolios, online brand identity, interviewing skills, and a career plan. I helped more than 60 students to land a job within 4 months. I have also worked in the past as a research assistant. Besides my occupation, I also do my part-time external Ph.D. at Tranzo center under the supervision of Hedwig van Bakel and Alwin de Rooij. My research topic is related to music learning, creativity, and family identity.


As a lecturer, I want to make sure that my students develop professional skills that they can use in their future jobs to collaborate successfully with their colleagues, be able to solve problems from a research point of view and be able to craft their jobs by working independently in their professions. Given my two master's degrees in Work and Organizational Psychology and Music Psychology, I bring quantitative and qualitative research skills, as well as an in-depth knowledge of social and developmental psychological theories. This education renders me efficient in supporting students with their research projects and guiding them with their literature review, research methodology, and data analysis.


I am interested in research topics related to creative thinking, music identity, personal identity, work identity, work-wellbeing, family relationships, music learning, motivation, and cognitive skills. I would be happy to collaborate with researchers who examine these topics. I have previously worked as a research intern and examined the social psychological factors that play role in the collaboration among companies in the supply chain world (you can read more about this here). I also worked as a research assistant for a short period on two projects related to Music Psychology for infants in the clinical context and a project that was related to cultural factors that play a role when families choose a school for their children. 


You can find my research projects in the following links:


Theano-Eirini(Annie) Kakaziani | LinkedIn

Recent publications

  1. Is music training linked to self-regulation and other creative achiev…

    Kakaziani, T., de Rooij, A., & van Bakel, H. (Accepted/In press). Is music training linked to self-regulation and other creative achievements and what is the role of family in these relationships?. Abstract from MIC Conference 2023, Trieste, Italy.

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