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We are Tilburg University


I am a lecturer in the field of (legal) history and vice-dean at University College Tilburg. I have completed my PhD in 2009, examining the relation between law and rhetoric in the school controversies between the Sabiniani and Proculiani in the early Roman Principate. Currently, I am coordinating an educational project, for which I received NWO funding (Comenius Senior Grant): ‘The Resilience Project: Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better’. This project aims to enhance the resilience of our students at the University College of Tilburg, who struggle with stress and the high demands of academia, to normalize failure as an integral part of any learning process and of life itself and to critically reflect  on the importance attached to individual competitiveness in education and society.



Recent publications

  1. Cicero's Topica and Trebatius Testa

    Leesen, T., Tellegen, J. W., van Blom, K. (Ed.), & Broers, E-J. (Ed.) (2016). Cicero's Topica and Trebatius Testa. In Ad fundum: Liber Amicorum Olga Tellegen-Couperus Wolf Legal Publishers (WLP).
  2. Sabiniani and Proculiani

    Leesen, T., & Goldberg, S. (Ed.) (2016). Sabiniani and Proculiani. In The Oxford Classical Dictionary (4 ed.). Oxford University Press.
  3. Tussen hamer en aambeeld - de Theologische Faculteit Tilburg op het s…

    Leesen, T. (2014). Tussen hamer en aambeeld: de Theologische Faculteit Tilburg op het snijvlak van wetenschap, kerk en samenleving. Valkhof Pers.
  4. Gaius meets Cicero - Law, legal practice, and rhetoric in Gai. 4.114

    Leesen, T. G., & Tellegen-Couperus, O. E. (2012). Gaius meets Cicero: Law, legal practice, and rhetoric in Gai. 4.114. Ius Inkarri, 1, 283-298.
  5. Topical arguments in legal texts - The Tabula Picta

    Leesen, T. G. (2012). Topical arguments in legal texts: The Tabula Picta. Quaderni Lupiensi di Storia e Diritto, 2, 125-139.

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