In her career, Trang is motivated by a quote from the book Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy: “Most people use statistics like a drunkard uses a lamp-post; more for support than illumination”. Her goal as a marketing researcher is to help marketeers stay 'sober', utilizing their data not to justify bad past decisions but to drive better future results for their businesses and for the society.


Trang's research interest lies in sustainable retailing, specifically, how retailers can use marketing tools to stimulate more sustainable consumption. She applies quantitative marketing models to find out which decisions managers can make for their businesses and which approaches policymakers can choose to reach our Sustainable Development Goals.

Ongoing projects

Working as a Ph.D. candidate, Trang collaborates with her promotors Barbara Deleersnyders and Arjen van Lin. Together, they develop marketing models to explain promotion effectiveness for sustainable brands by examining grocers' household panel data.

Other experience

Before being a researcher, Trang worked professionally at various marketing positions for domestic and international companies in luxury goods, semiconductor and consumer electronics. As such, she gained her practical data-driven marketing knowledge from a business perspective, using Google Analytics, PowerBI and SAP.


Trang has been supervising Bachelors and Master's theses in marketing under various topics such as sustainable meat consumption, Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).


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