We are Tilburg University

We are Tilburg University


 As a postdoctoral researcher on the ERC project “Political Apologies across Cultures”, my research focus is across both sub-projects. First, I aim to understand how people evaluate political apologies that have been given for human rights violations in terms of content, form, and context. I’m also interested in understanding whether this varies as function of community (e.g., direct/ indirect victims, third-party witnesses). 2) I am also interested in examining key assumptions associated with apologies. Specifically, I aim to better understand factors that lead to an apology being given in response to past transgressions. In both research areas, I am interested in how these phenomena vary across cultures as a functions specific norms and values.

Recent publications

  1. Territoriality and Migration in a Divided Society - Lay Theories of C…

    Stevenson, C., & Sagherian-Dickey, T. (2018). Territoriality and Migration in a Divided Society: Lay Theories of Citizenship and Place in Northern Ireland. Qualitative Psychology, 5(1), 135-154.
  2. Collectively coping with contact - The role of intragroup support in …

    Stevenson, C., & Sagherian-Dickey, T. (2016). Collectively coping with contact: The role of intragroup support in dealing with the challenges of intergroup mixing in residential contexts. British Journal of Social Psychology, 55(4), 681-699.

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